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" Just a quick but a very appreciative note to express our satisfaction with everything.

Firstly, the finished product is stunning and the craftsmanship is unbelievable. Secondly your installers were professional, experienced and very skilled.

We have already had a number of neighbors come over to see it and they all were extremely impressed. Thanks so very much for all of your efforts. You can rest assured that we will be passing on your information to both our friend and associates!

Please thank the installers once again for us. Please drop by when you have a minute. "

--Rod and Karen / June, 2013

" Absolutely you can put a sign up on our lawn! We are very satisfied customers who will recommend you to everyone! You are welcome to put our door up on your website, before and after as well. We would be honoured! It should really look like a huge change given the new decking too.

We couldn't have been more please with the installation and your crew. What nice people to have to spend a day with! Tyler especially is a really nice guy. So glad we have the 5 year guarantee! Hope we won't need it, but maybe we will just call so we can have you all come back and visit! Thanks for everything, again, we are extremely happy with our new door and thanks to everyone at Black Forest Wood Company for making it such a great experience:) "

--Janice and Ian Z. / June, 2013

" The door is absolutely beautiful, I kept admiring it all weekend! We love it. You definitely had a tough job with all the uneven windows & frame etc. once we took a look at it we could see how it would've been a challenge, but it looks great. I definitely felt more at ease knowing that we had talented and skilled people doing the work this time around.

Thanks again for all your efforts. "

--Leila / May, 2013

" I was hoping to say to you in person how impressed I am with quality and construction of the door. That is a 10 out of 10. Also we could not be happier with the install, finishing and professionalism of your guys. Tyler clearly takes pride in his work and as a result the door looks seamless like it has been there forever. Another 10 out of 10. We truly appreciate it. "

--Robin and Louis / March, 2013

" Too bad we missed you when we came in on Saturday. I gotta say, the door looks amazing, and when the glass is backlit at night from inside, it looks gorgeous from the street. Love it. "

--Jennifer W. / August, 2012

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